Where can I get real suntan in the winter?

If you are urging to get a glimpse of sun from the continuous rain and cloud covered sky in UK, read on. You probably wondering where can I get real suntan in the winter, when it has covered much of Europe, with countries like Italy showing temperature almost near to zero with plenty of showers and snow in the higher altitudes. Even the Greek Islands can be quite windy from December to March, and perhaps a risky option if you absolutely want some guaranteed sun. It may involve travelling farther or as close as possible to Ecuador, that is the latitude line, to get the real sun rays on your winter sun holiday. The nearest options to home are the Canary Islands and one in particular is the driest of all. Lanzarote’s lack of high mountains allows for the clouds to fly past, with very low chances of rain.

Is it open?

The good thing is that going to Lanzarote in the winter can be very economical as holiday prices are low and often a range of offers can be found from travel agents and online tour operators. Once you are there don’t expect a deserted island either. While the first impression may make you think so, you cannot be more wrong. Lanzarote has nearly 140 000 inhabitants and Arrecife is the capital of the island. There, even in the off peak holiday season you will find markets, shops, restaurants and nightlife to keep you happy throughout your winter holiday.

Not to miss.

The most famous of all is the Timanfaya National Park. Here in the peak time you can have a camel ride which takes you to the centre of the park, at the El Diablo restaurant, which cooks its Pizzas from the Volcanic heat from coming from not too far deep ground below. Another great tour not to miss is the collection of caves created from the cooled magma in the north of the island. The most known are Jameos del Agua, the Green Caves, and the Mirador del Rio that offer an experience that you would be glad that you didn’t miss.

Finally don’t leave the island without trying the local wine, is not only rude to do so, but you would be missing out. The special vineyards that from far look like green dots are unique to the island and the minerals from the volcanic ash enrich the taste of the grapes, giving the wine some local flavour.

Colourful sunset

Colourful sunset

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