Travel bloggers have been an important part of the travel industry in not only sharing  their travel stories but tons of travel tips and local knowledge. Their desire to travel has driven them into destinations and places beyond the beaten path, bringing fresh travel stories to their readership communities.  In light of this many advertisers from travel companies and tourist boards have worked with travel bloggers in spreading their marketing campaigns online in reaching not only their regular readers but their massive accumulative social reach. There are big signs showing that the travel blogging is become an industry per se. The  latest effort was the Traverse13, which offered to bring together some of the experts in the field of Journalism, Photography, Social Media, Travel Blogging and PR to share their ideas and best advice.

Master in Travel attended Traveerse13 and found  that beyond the networking this event was informative and resourceful. The conference was organised in Brighton and weather was set on a “sunny day”. The main organisers Michael Ball and Paul Dow had not only made sure that everything went smooth, planning well from the catering to spoiling everyone with a choice of workshops to attend. The opportunity to have a 10 minute chat with key speakers and experts is invaluable to those that are new or have new projects that need a quick experts opinion on.

A number of sponsors and travel firms attended the main gathering on Saturday. Of those the official national tourist guide office Visit Denmark sponsored a number of trips for travel bloggers around Denmark, including a range of different activities on their itinerary. Other sponsors included MSC cruise, Contiki Travel, Visit Brighton and Four BGB.

Of those that showed a new concept was the which demonstrated a number of techniques on how to cook food with standard hotel room amenities. While the concept attracted plenty of attention  and those that fancied the cooked dishes and deserts it surely deserved some admiration for the “out of the box” thinking, unless you were a Health & Safety officer. Here are some pictures from the stand:

Travel Blogger cooking a steak.

Traverse13 -Brighton

The evening activity followed to The Basement in Brighton where a number of prices were announced for the first Traverse13. As pictures are worth a thousand words here some from the evening night-out, starting with Emma at Gohemian Travellers.


Traverse13 winner


IMG_6901 IMG_6898

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