Travel resolution for 2013

What would be my travel resolution for 2013? Hmm. 2012 was really some year and really glad we survived the prophecies. With all your respect, but the Mayan were wrong. :) Or were they? Maybe we wrongly calculated  their calendar cycles or misinterpreted what they meant!

Perhaps they did figure out that human development will one day reach self inhalation. After all, our relationship with nature has been rather unstable in the last centuries. We have created more heat in the environment, draining more and more fossil fuels and reducing day by day the green belt. Nature has showed her anger and slapped back with a range of tsunamis, storms and unusually longer or shorter seasons.

Lavender Field in Surrey

Lavender Field from Master in Travel. Copyrigght 2012

World is facing a struggle to cope with the ever increasing pressure that humans in particular are creating. It seems we are unable to establish a universal code for taking sustainability more seriously and hold responsibility for our actions. From many failed worldwide conferences have proven now  that is too hard to agree on crucial change because of the economic outcome. Starting from the Kyoto carbon limits disagreement to the latest Doha climate change talks that are just that, stopping well clear from any legal bindings.

Ultimately any change that is much needed for our living planet has to come from the bottom up. This seems to be the most successful way of implementing regulations that those at the top don’t like. It is the power of combined individuals that can truly make the change. The social media has created the best communications known to man so far that can send clear messages to those that think that can carry on as usual.

Individually we need to understand that Earth is one, whether at home, down the road or across the other side. Pollution and destruction can in fact affect everyone no matter where you live, or where it originally happens. I hope this would start a revolution, maybe I am being a bit overoptimistic, but hey it only takes a few small steps to make a difference. Think nature, because everything in nature has a purpose, even in the afterlife. Avoid littering nature with man-made products that don’t fit in that process. Avoid destroying the natural process of things, animals and fauna. Travel and admire the beauty and share those experiences for others to understand our world.

Think that most of what is today comes from the past and the future is in our hands to shape for the better or the worst. Make a pledge with your self and make that your travel resolution for 2013.

Love the planet, and the people in it.

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