Review of the Solo Traveler’s Handbook by Janice Leith Waugh

The review of the Solo Traveler’s Handbook came not by chance, I have wanted to know more on how one can go solo and a real life example from Janice Leith Waugh could not answer any better my answers. Real life stories show that things are possible, unlike novels and other great stories out there that come from imagination, they fill you with this sense of achievement and assurance.

The Solo Traveler's Handbook

The Solo Traveler’s Handbook on a Kindle

Travelling solo is a daunting not only for female travellers but even males, and if you are male and don’t admit it at least to your inner self then you’re naive. However, the entire experience is a life changer and full of fulfilments. Going solo on a around the world trip, especially on a small budget from the start, is a daring decision that only few of us have the courage to see it through, however with the right advice and knowledge is possible. Janice has shared her best tips for the defiant solo travellers. There are instances of stories that everyone will have the occasion to relate to and you will be glad to have read somewhere about it. Janice has included great advice on staying safe and alleviates the worry and stress by planning ahead for your journeys, but most crucially she has answered the question of whether it is worth going solo. I think this quote from Janice cannot be a better answer:

“If I’d had a second week at the Ashram, I’m sure I would have settled down to the more contemplative activities but there was the market to explore, hiking nearby, many wonderful gardens where I enjoyed chai masala and Rajiji National Park where I went on safari and saw an elephant in the wild. The Ashram, Rishikesh, the mountains, the routine – I was taken with it all!”

Travelling solo is not always solo, if you know what I mean. There will always be instances where you will meet fellow travellers but when the solitude hits you then you need to recognise the signs early to make sure that loneliness grasps your travelling spirit but see it through with the same passion that you started your solo journey. This book will be a great reminder and accompanier throughout your adventure.

The Solo Traveler’s Handbook is available on paper back for £12.99 and kindle version £6.41 here. For those that want it but cannot afford it right now there is a chance to win the whole series of the Traveler’s Handbook kindle version and a Kindle Fire by entering Directline Holidays’competition.

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