Review of the Luxury Traveler’s Handbook by Sarah and Terry Lee.

Who hasn’t dreamt of a luxury holiday, or indulge into the cosy, elegant and superior service of the high end hotels? I think we all have, but only a few of us can really afford to accommodate such dreams into modest holiday budgets. This often means that people would opt for a one off luxury holiday inn their lifetime, usually a honeymoon. However, Sarah & Terry Lee think otherwise and they have shown through the Luxury Traveler’s Handbook how to make luxury travel more accessible. They have demonstrated that you can get the top notch travel perks like premium flights, five star hotels, service and the ambience that comes with those.

The Luxury Traveler's Handbook

The Luxury Traveler’s Handbook on a Kindle

They have shared their personal stories and showed that it can be done, by making your money go further with all the perks of luxury that you opt for. Their idea of liberating luxury will give you great insights on how to afford luxurious holidays, how to get yourself to stay at those top brand resorts and when are the best times to visit luxury resorts to get the best value for money.

Reading through the book you will find yourself saying – oh yeah, why didn’t think of that, or yeah, I think that a really good idea. Regardless what you say, you will know that Sarah and Terry have been smart travellers and have saved a fortune while travelling luxuriously. When you do it so often you end to notice things and pick up on them. My favourite is this one from Sarah:

“Telephones in bathrooms. This is a sign of a true luxury hotel, and is very popular in Spain. But short of any Elvis-styled emergencies, I really can’t see myself using the phone while on the throne. Never. Ever.”

We all deserve a bit of luxury and the Luxury Traveler’s Handbook is a small investment into opening up doors to dream holidays and fascinating travelling experiences. Sarah and Lee have nicely covered a series of safety advice and plenty of resources to start you off into researching your very own luxurious escapes.

If you would like to read the Luxury Traveler’s Handbook then you can find it here for £12.99 in paperback or kindle version currently at £6.43. You can always try your luck and enter this competition to win a Kindle Fire along with the five Traveler’s Handbook Kindle version. Isn’t that a great perk to start with on your luxurious holiday.

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