Review of Career Break Traveler’s Handbook by Jeffrey Jung.

Often our feeling of not wanting to be at work hits us and is filled by the desire of being on holiday, especially on Monday morning! We all have been there and most of us put up with it. But have you ever asked yourself why do I do it? Well when Jeffrey Jung did, or when his catalyst was initiated, it made him think of how he needed to change his lifestyle to be happy. Almost like a way out and total detachment from the workplace that goes on slightly longer than the usual holiday or time off.

The Career Break Traveler's handbook

The Career Break Traveler’s Handbook on a Kindle

The Career Break Traveler’s Handbook by Jeffrey Jung is a great book to go through one of the hardest part of taking a career break, for travelling. At least on Jeffrey’s case, this was what he really wanted to do. This could not be the case for everyone as all of us have different wishes in life but the advice in the Career Break Traveler’s Handbook could easily be applicable to all of us in finding the catalyst to initiate your desire to achieve your dream and the will power to see it through.

Going through the hurdles is not easy and it requires planning but remember that at the end you will be regenerated with a new world view perspectives and refreshed and ready to charge again in the your career path. Jeff has left nothing to chance and gone through a number of plans and emergency procedures to roll out in case of unforeseen circumstances arise. His step by step budget is a great guide to start you off and what you need to consider before and after returning home.

If travel is what you want to do then Jeff’s experience would be a great motivator to go through with your career break and have expert advice on travelling and planning your travel bucket list. His insights from interviews with other round the word travellers, and Jeff’s answers to the same questions, are a nice addition to the book. Could not resist sharing this part:

Most breathtaking moment?
Jeff: Hiking Torres del Paine in Patagonia in Chile
Best of the rest: “Watching the great wildebeest migration in Kenya,”

On that note, if you fancy reading the Career Break Travelers’ Handbook from Jeffrey Jung then buy it here on paperback or Kindle version. However, if you would like to try your luck and be in the chance to win a Kindle Fire along with the five Traveler’s Handbooks Kindle versions.

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