How to make a group holiday booking stress free.

What to consider before you want to make a group holiday booking

This “how to” tutorial has been brought to you from my experience as a travel consultant and experience of dealing with a group holiday booking, acknowledging the difficulties that the group faces in finding and finalising the holiday package. In the travel industry is widely accepted that a group holiday booking is what consists at least of ten adults or more. Often the central reservation systems for travel agents don’t allow pricing of more than nine people at once. To overcome this many agents have to call through their suppliers and get a full costing for the entire group, which and especially for ski holidays, can carry a group discount which is applicable at source. This means that tour operators prefer selling bulk and like to encourage group bookings, especially for early birds. But what is a typical experience for finding and finalising a group holiday to group members?

Colourful sunset

Colourful sunset

In my experience I have had various scenarios of when and why the idea to go on a group holiday is brought up and often those that bring it up take somehow a leading role in organising it. However, we need to agree that in a group there will be those that are passive about the whole thing and follow the decisions of others and tag along. The profile of the group is usually important, especially in choosing the right holiday package. For example a group of young adults will often want a clubbing holiday on a low budget, whereas a group made of three or more families may put more importance on the room allocations rather than budget or destinations. The most of tricky requirements to a travel agent is when one part of the group has a lower budget than the rest, which means that the overall group budget is brought down to allow the participation of the entire party.

From the initial thought there could many things that would be frustrating, especially on the eyes of the organiser, and the biggest of those is the commitment to participate. To make this process as easy and efficient here are some tips that would avoid a lot of frustration.

  • Firstly have a list of those that want to take part and of those that may be interested once they are notified. If numbers are larger than ten then is not a major issue if one or two people drop out at last minute.
  • Secondly take note of the individual requirements, as they will help the travel agent determine and requesting the right package holiday for all group members.
  • And thirdly take the input of everyone to choose what type of holiday you want to all go for, and how much is the top budget per person or family. Be aware thought that when children are involved that the general anticipation is that they need to pay less than adults. Overall this is true for those children that are at least under 12 years old, but due to complicated group requirements, or when they share the room with only one adult often they are expected to pay full price regardless of age.
  • Then search for the right package, be that on the internet or on the high street. But, before you go back to the group make sure that you present them with only three key choices, or you will run in the risk of causing confusion and prolonging the process unnecessarily. Often passing on the requirements to a travel agent can ease the workload from the organiser.
  • Once booking is made make sure that the holidays is booked correctly and keep all group members up to date with any changes or payments deadlines.

Often the best choice is not the cheapest, but that which offers more convenience and meets best room requirements for the party.

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