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The engines of travel

Travel is not a new thing at all. We all know that though, don’t we? In the prehistoric times man had to travel to find food and a cave to pass...

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Best time to book a holiday

Often I have been asked this question by many customers that are looking to secure a holiday perhaps early in the year. It’s common to wonder wh...

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Travel bloggers have been an important part of the travel industry in not only sharing  their travel stories but tons of travel tips and local knowled...

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Review of the Volunteer Traveler’s Handbook by Shanon O’Donnell

As with the other Traveler’s Handbook series the Volunteer Traveler’s Handbook is another precious travel experience of Shanon O’Donnell, volunteering...

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Review of the Food Traveler’s Handbook by Jodi Ettenberg

What started as a simple travel adventure evolved in this great magnificent Traveler’s (British reader please add an “l” from now on) Handbook tome. J...

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Review of the Luxury Traveler’s Handbook by Sarah and Terry Lee.

Who hasn’t dreamt of a luxury holiday, or indulge into the cosy, elegant and superior service of the high end hotels? I think we all have, but o...

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Review of the Solo Traveler’s Handbook by Janice Leith Waugh

The review of the Solo Traveler’s Handbook came not by chance, I have wanted to know more on how one can go solo and a real life example from Janice L...

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Review of Career Break Traveler’s Handbook by Jeffrey Jung.

Often our feeling of not wanting to be at work hits us and is filled by the desire of being on holiday, especially on Monday morning! We all have been...

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Thoughts on Sustainability

Back in 2012 I remember stumbling to the WWF footprint calculator and was down for a great shock and making me think on my sustainability behaviour. I...

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Where can I get real suntan in the winter?

If you are urging to get a glimpse of sun from the continuous rain and cloud covered sky in UK, read on. You probably wondering where can I get real s...

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Travel resolution for 2013

What would be my travel resolution for 2013? Hmm. 2012 was really some year and really glad we survived the prophecies. With all your respect, but the...

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