About Master in Travel

Master in Travel has born out of a simple idea, just like almost everything out there. Having had a rich experience in the travel industry, and studying at a Master level on the issues of tourism and travel, I have build an expertise in this field. This site has come alive in a form of a travel blog oriented mainly at the UK readers, and share the expertise in the field. I feel that the site is in a process of infinite metamorphosis but the core DNA will always be around travel and holidays. As a person I feel that honesty, fairness,and helpfulness should be core for a human character, and sharing those along is the least one can do. Our ambition, curiosity and courage drive us forward in seeking new experiences that often become our passion and addictions. At least for me.

About Ervin Cenmurati

Ervin's desire to share anything about travel has evolved in Master in Travel blog, As the site evolves it hopes to bring more expert advice from masters of travel and in course help the general readers to enjoy sustainably their holidays and travel journeys.